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Discover Mediterranean Awnings: Style and Comfort Combined

Bring a touch of timeless elegance and functionality to your New Orleans home with a beautiful Mediterranean awning from TurnKey Renovators.

We are your one-stop shop for all things outdoor living, specializing in designing, creating, and installing top-quality awnings that enhance your space and elevate your lifestyle.

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What is a Mediterranean Style Awning?

Mediterranean awnings are instantly recognizable for their classic design and warm color palettes. They’re not just functional shade providers, but a beautiful architectural element that injects a touch of European flair to your New Orleans home or business.

Here’s a breakdown of what makes them distinct:

What makes them stand out?

  • Timeless Appeal with Classic Design

Featuring clean lines and a gentle arch, Mediterranean awnings complement a variety of architectural styles. From traditional New Orleans bungalows to modern minimalist homes, these awnings create a harmonious and balanced look without overpowering your existing architecture.

  • Warm Color Palette for a Welcoming Atmosphere

Forget stark white or cool tones! Mediterranean awnings boast inviting colors like terracotta reds (echoing clay tiles), sunny yellows, and rich earth tones that connect your space to nature. These colors create a visually appealing exterior and a more inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.

  • A Touch of European Inspiration

Directly inspired by historical architecture from Spain and Italy, Mediterranean awnings allow you to bring that old-world charm to your New Orleans property.

Imagine your house or place of business transformed to resemble colorful Spanish plazas or charming Tuscan courtyards, all the while providing much-needed shade and weather protection.

Benefits of Mediterranean Style Awning

mediterannian-styleLooking beyond aesthetics, Mediterranean awnings offer practical benefits like:

  • Sun Protection: Enjoy your outdoor space comfortably, especially during New Orleans’ hot summers. Mediterranean awnings provide shade and protect you from direct sunlight. Whether on a spacious patio, by the pool, or on a balcony, they create a comfortable outdoor space.
  • Curb Appeal: Mediterranean-inspired awnings add a touch of sophistication to your home’s exterior.
  • Versatility:  Perfect for both homes and businesses, they create a welcoming atmosphere for patios, storefronts, and more. Their flexibility allows you to create the length you need.
  • Classic Aesthetic: Mediterranean awnings create a sense of timeless elegance. They’re perfect for creating a cozy nook or an inviting outdoor retreat

Explore Our Diverse Styles!

Not all projects require the same shade solution, and that’s why TurnKey Renovators offers a variety of awning systems to perfectly fit your needs and style. Let’s explore your options:

1. Timeless Elegance: Classic Awnings

Embrace the enduring charm of classic awnings! These beauties offer reliable shade and timeless style, complementing any architectural design. Imagine relaxing under a classic awning, enjoying a cool drink on a sunny afternoon – pure bliss!

2. Sleek and Streamlined: Cassette Awnings

Looking for a modern touch? Cassette awnings are the perfect choice. These sleek beauties retract fully into a protective cassette, offering a minimalist look when not in use. They’re ideal for contemporary spaces and provide excellent sun protection.

3. Victorian Flair: Janella Victorian Style Awnings

Step back in time with the Janella Victorian Style Awning! These beauties add a touch of old-world elegance to your New Orleans home. Imagine your porch adorned with a Janella awning, creating a charming and inviting space for you and your guests.

4. Bespoke Fixed Solutions: Unmatched Customization

Have a unique vision in mind? Our bespoke fixed solutions are perfect for you! We work closely with you to create a custom-designed awning that flawlessly integrates with your project and fulfills your specific needs. Let your imagination soar!

5. Fixed Awnings: Permanent Shade Solution

Fixed awnings offer a permanent and stylish shade solution for your patio, deck, or windows. They’re a cost-effective option and provide reliable shade throughout the day. Perfect for areas that require consistent shade protection.

6. Motorized Awnings: Effortless Shade Control

Upgrade your comfort with a motorized awning! These beauties retract and extend at the touch of a button, allowing you to easily adjust the shade throughout the day. Ideal for large awnings or for those who prefer the convenience of a remote control.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? No worries! Contact us today, and our friendly team will help you find the perfect awning system for your project.

Why Choose TurnKey Renovators for Your Dream Mediterranean Awning?

Not all awnings are created equal! Here’s why TurnKey Renovators is the perfect partner to bring your Mediterranean awning dream to life in New Orleans:

  • We’re the Awning Experts: We have years of experience designing, building, and installing high-quality custom awnings. Our team knows exactly what it takes to create a beautiful and functional Mediterranean awning that will last for years to come.
  • Customizable Just for You: Your awning should reflect your style, not the other way around! That’s why we offer a wide variety of customization options. Choose from vibrant fabrics in classic Mediterranean colors and patterns to perfectly complement your home’s aesthetic. Want a touch of elegance? We offer frames in different materials, like wood or metal, to match your home’s architecture.
  • Manual or Motorized – You Decide! Convenience is key. We offer both manual and motorized operation options for your awning. Want to adjust the shade with a simple crank? We’ve got you covered. Prefer the ease of a push-button operation? We can install a motorized awning for ultimate comfort.

At TurnKey Renovators, we don’t just sell awnings, we create outdoor living solutions! We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and design a custom Mediterranean awning that perfectly complements your New Orleans home and lifestyle.

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