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Top-Rated Renovation Contractors Serving Hammond, LA: Expert Home Improvement Solutions

Picking the best renovation contractors in Hammond is important. TurnKey Renovators LLC is the top pick for homeowners who want great quality and trustworthy service. Our skilled team works hard to make your dream renovations come true, accurately and quickly. No matter if it’s a small update or a big project, our experience makes sure your home looks and works better, making us the leading choice for renovations in Hammond.

Renovation Overview

Renovating in Hammond for homes or businesses makes old buildings better and nicer. There are two types: residential, to make homes comfier and prettier, and commercial, to make businesses work better and look more appealing. Choosing a good contractor is important for getting the job done well, on time, and without overspending. They can bring your ideas to life.

Overview of renovation services in Hammond

In Hammond, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet diverse needs.

  • For residential projects:
    • Kitchen remodels
    • Bathroom upgrades
    • Room additions
  • For commercial projects:
    • Office refurbishments
    • Retail store makeovers

We are familiar with local building codes for successful project execution.

Types of Renovations We Offer

covington renovation contractorsResidential renovations often involve personalizing spaces to suit homeowners’ tastes or family needs. These can range from simple paint jobs to complete house overhauls.

Commercial renovations aim at making business premises more attractive to customers or more functional for employees. This might include modernizing office layouts or updating façade designs to attract more foot traffic.

We have experience with both residential and commercial projects if your renovation plans encompass both areas.

Renovation Seasons

Climate Considerations

Choosing the right time for renovations is crucial, especially in areas with distinct climates like Hammond. Choosing the right season for renovations can boost a home’s value, make it look better, and improve its energy efficiency.

Renovating during a season that complements the local climate ensures materials work best under those conditions. Some paints and finishes need certain humidity levels to cure properly, which improves their look and makes them last longer.

Best Timing

In Louisiana’s humid climate, selecting materials suited for moisture resistance is essential. Timing renovations around weather patterns can prevent delays and damage caused by unexpected rain or high humidity levels.

The best times for renovation often align with milder weather conditions:

  • Late spring offers warm temperatures without excessive humidity.
  • Early fall provides cooler temperatures conducive to outdoor work and less risk of rain.

Using moisture-resistant materials like treated wood or mold-resistant drywall is crucial in this environment. These choices help ensure that renovations stand up against Louisiana’s challenging weather conditions over time.

Hiring Contractors


Hiring renovation contractors in Hammond requires careful planning. The best times for renovations are spring and fall. These seasons offer better rates due to off-peak demand. It’s also easier to get permits approved during these times.

Before hiring a contractor, check their license status. In Louisiana, contractors must be licensed. This confirms they comply with Louisiana’s quality and safety standards. You can check licenses on the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors website.


Getting quotes from multiple contractors is essential. This helps you compare prices and services offered by different general contractors. Ensure each quote includes both labor and material costs.

Quotes should detail every aspect of the project cost. Check if your contractor is insured and bonded too. It keeps you safe from any accidents or damages while renovating.


Checking reviews helps you know if a contractor is reliable and does good work. Also, ask for references to see if their past clients were happy. Picking the right contractor is key for a successful renovation in Hammond.

TurnKey Renovators LLC

Company Overview

TurnKey Renovators LLC stands out among renovation contractors in Hammond. Online reviews and ratings are crucial to understanding their reputation. We have consistently received high marks for quality and reliability.

It’s important to look at recent, relevant reviews. These give insights into the current performance of the company. Asking for references from past clients offers a deeper dive into their work ethic and results.

Unique Points

With years of experience in Hammond, TurnKey Renovators has a solid foundation in the community. We offer a wide range of services, from basic renovations to full makeovers, backed by various qualifications and certifications. This ensures we meet strict industry standards with every project they undertake.

Success Stories

We specialize in eco-friendly renovations, which are good for the environment and can save homeowners money.

TurnKey offers virtual consultations and estimates, making it easier for clients during the initial planning stages. We also utilize advanced technology for project management which enhances efficiency and client communication throughout the renovation process.

Services Offered

Bathroom Renovation

TurnKey Renovators LLC transforms bathrooms in Hammond. Our projects range from small updates to complete overhauls. Clients often praise the quality and efficiency of our work.

Before-and-after photos showcase our attention to detail. These visuals help potential clients see the possibilities for their own spaces.


We stay updated on bathroom design trends suitable for Hammond homes. Incorporating water-efficient fixtures is a priority, helping homeowners save on utility bills.

Ventilation solutions are essential in our designs. They combat humidity and prevent mold growth, ensuring a healthier environment.


Choosing the right paint is crucial in Louisiana’s humid climate. We select products that withstand weather conditions while enhancing your home’s appearance.

Surface preparation by professionals ensures lasting results. Trending colors and finishes reflect Hammond’s unique style, making each project stand out.

More Services


Renovation contractors in Hammond offer more than just home renovations. We also provide fencing services. We use roofing materials that can endure extreme weather. This is crucial in areas prone to harsh conditions.

We give regular maintenance tips to prolong your roof’s life. For example, inspecting it annually and after major storms is wise. We also highlight key signs that your roof urgently needs fixing, like missing shingles or leaks.


Upgrading your home’s siding is a smart way to improve its exterior. We not only improve the appearance but also increase home value. We recommend durable fencing materials suitable for the local climate.

Fencing comes in two main types: privacy, which blocks the view from the outside, and decorative, which enhances appearance. Each serves a different purpose according to homeowner needs. Before installation begins, it’s important to understand permit requirements in Hammond.


Siding is important for a house’s look and energy-saving features. We highlight benefits like improved curb appeal and potential energy savings with upgraded siding options available locally.

Maintenance varies with material type but generally includes regular cleaning and inspection for damage. Energy-efficient siding can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

Additional Services

Concrete Work

We often tackle concrete work. We use specific techniques to ensure smooth finishes on walls and ceilings. This includes applying a fine skim coat for a flawless surface. We also address common drywall issues like cracks or water damage with precision.

For enhanced safety, we offer fire-resistant drywall options. Such materials can significantly reduce the risk of fire spread within a home.

Sod Installation

In addition to indoor renovations, we excel in outdoor enhancements like sod installation. Custom concrete solutions are popular for driveways and patios. These not only boost curb appeal but also add value to your property.

The importance of proper curing time cannot be overstated, especially in humid climates typical of Louisiana. It ensures the durability and longevity of the concrete surfaces.

Decorative concrete is another option we offer. It adds aesthetic appeal through various colors and textures, making each project unique.

Why Choose Us

Unique Selling Points

Our team stands out among renovation contractors in Hammond, thanks to our deep understanding of the local environment. We select only the best types of grass that thrive in Hammond’s unique climate and soil conditions. This ensures your lawn is not just beautiful but also resilient.

Before any sod installation begins, we undertake essential preparation steps. These include testing the soil, ensuring proper drainage, and preparing the ground meticulously. Such preparations guarantee a solid foundation for your new lawn.

After installing, we don’t just leave you hanging. We give you specific tips to help your lawn grow healthy. Our tips cover watering schedules, mowing techniques, and when to fertilize.

Customer Satisfaction

We prioritize finishing projects on time and within budget because we know deadlines matter to you. We also believe in clear communication, keeping you updated from beginning to end, and involving you in key decisions.

Plus, we back our work with warranties on workmanship and materials, ensuring your investment is safe even after we’re done. By choosing us for your renovation needs in Hammond, you’re picking a partner who cares about quality just as much as you do.

We Transform Your Space Into Something Remarkable

After you pick us for your Hammond renovation, our support continues even after we finish the project. We stand behind our work and provide follow-up services. These ensure everything meets your expectations. If issues arise, we address them promptly.

We value your feedback highly. It helps us enhance our services continually. Feel free to share your thoughts after the project is done. Your input makes us better.

Our guarantee policies are designed to protect you. They ensure that your investment in home renovation is secure with us.

Catch our limited-time discounts on renovation services and save! Don’t miss out! These deals are perfect for making high-quality renovations more affordable. Give us a call today!

All About Hammond, LA

Hammond, in Tangipahoa Parish, is a vibrant city famous for its cultural history, the educational atmosphere from Southeastern Louisiana University, and stunning nature.

The historic downtown area boasts antique shops, art galleries, and cafes. Moreover, Hammond serves as a gateway to Louisiana’s natural wonders, including the nearby Joyce Wildlife Management Area. It attracts people who love learning, history, and the outdoors.

  • Check out the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center for interactive learning fun.
  • Visit Joyce Wildlife Management Area to enjoy hiking and bird-watching in nature.
  • Check out a show or art display at the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts.
  • Visit Gnarly Barley Brewing to try local beers, with tours and tastings offered.
  • Visit Hammond’s historic downtown to explore unique shops and enjoy dining at various restaurants.
  • Robin Roberts – Esteemed television broadcaster
  • Al Woods – Professional NFL player
  • Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller – Notable local politician and businessperson
  • Irma Thomas – Renowned soul and rhythm and blues singer
  • Hammond is known as the “Strawberry Capital of America,” highlighting its strong farming background.
  • The city holds the Louisiana Renaissance Festival every year, drawing in thousands who love medieval culture and arts.
  • Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond is crucial for the city’s education and community life.
  • Hammond’s Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts is a popular spot that hosts concerts and Broadway shows.
  • Amtrak Train Service
  • Tangi Transit
  • Southeastern Louisiana University Shuttle Service
  • Taxi Services
  • Ride-Sharing Apps – Uber and Lyft 
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They completely re-roofed my house, and the quality of their roofing work is exceptional. Their team not only executed the installation flawlessly but also provided valuable insights on choosing the right materials, ensuring my roof stands the test of time. My new roof has greatly improved the overall look and value of my home. Highly recommend TurnKey Renovators!

Rodney Davis

When it comes to fencing, this company is the go-to choice. They installed a beautiful cedar fence around my backyard, providing both privacy and style. It has truly transformed my outdoor space. I will use them again for my siding project!

Eric Garretson

I hired them for a painting project in my living room, and I’m extremely pleased with the results. The attention to detail and choice of high-quality paints made a significant difference in the overall aesthetic, and the room looks brand new. It looks better than ever! I highly recommend their painting services.

Michelle Nelson

I recently had TurnKey Renovators tackle a drywall project in my home. The smooth finish and attention to imperceptible details showcased their commitment to delivering a polished and aesthetically pleasing result, and now my walls look flawless. Their attention to detail is remarkable!

Lara Warmer

The demolition work done by their team was swift and efficient. They cleared out an old shed on my property, leaving no trace behind. It was impressive to see how quickly they got the job done. I am very satisfied with the outcome.

John Tipler

I hired TurnKey Renovators for a concrete project, and they exceeded my expectations. Their skilled team poured a sturdy and visually appealing concrete patio into my backyard. I’m thrilled with the quality of their work. I highly recommend this company.

Joseph Hunter

The expertise and attention to detail displayed by their team during my bathroom renovation were beyond impressive. From the initial design phase to the final touches, they ensured every aspect was tailored to my preferences, resulting in a stunning and functional space. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Mary Stewart