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Top of the Line Kitchen Renovation to Boost Property Value

TurnKey Renovators is the top outdoor kitchen contractor in New Orleans. We build stylish and functional custom outdoor kitchens using high-quality materials. Our skilled team meets client expectations and local regulations. Many satisfied customers enjoy their new outdoor cooking areas, proving our excellence. We offer custom outdoor living solutions, from small patios to large backyard kitchens. Our craftsmanship and customer service set us apart. For the best quality and reliability in outdoor kitchens, choose us.

Why Outdoor Kitchens

Benefits of Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor kitchens offer numerous benefits. Cooking in an open, airy environment is refreshing. It reduces indoor heat and cooking odors.

Outdoor cooking expands culinary possibilities. Grilling, smoking, and wood-fired ovens become accessible. These methods are often impractical indoors.

Socializing while cooking becomes easier. Families and friends gather around the grill. They enjoy the process together, making it a shared experience.

Enhancing Home Value

Outdoor kitchens can increase property value and attract more buyers. Luxury amenities like these are highly desirable.

Potential homebuyers see outdoor kitchens as valuable additions. They offer convenience and enhance the home’s appeal. This makes the property stand out in the market.

Long-term financial benefits are notable. High-quality outdoor kitchens need less upkeep. Strong materials make them last longer and save money.Cooking Outdoor

Social and Family Gatherings

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for hosting gatherings. Parties and family events become more enjoyable outside. The space is versatile and accommodating.

Creating memories in such settings is important. Outdoor kitchens provide a comfortable venue for these moments. They foster a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.

Accommodating larger groups outdoors is easier than indoors. More space means better comfort for guests. This makes social events smoother to organize.

Design Options We Offer

Custom Kitchens

Our team customizes outdoor kitchens to match personal style and needs. We start with a consultation to understand your preferences. Clients can choose from basic grill stations to full cooking areas. Our expertise ensures unique kitchens that reflect your taste.

We offer various design options. Some prefer minimalist setups, while others want elaborate designs. Each kitchen is customized to maximize space and functionality.

Countertop Choices

Selecting durable and stylish countertop materials is crucial. We offer weather-resistant granite, concrete, and Travertine tiles that are durable and easy to maintain. Granite countertops also provide a sleek look. Concrete offers versatility in design. Travertine tiles add a rustic charm. Each choice enhances the overall aesthetic of the outdoor kitchen.

Grill Selections

We offer top-notch grills from Bull Products and Cal Flame. Our experts help you choose the best grill for your needs, ensuring great outdoor cooking experiences. The right grill can make any meal special.

Unique Features

  • Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit extends the use of outdoor spaces into cooler months. Fire pits provide ambiance and warmth during gatherings. Custom design options ensure fire pits complement the outdoor kitchen area.

Fire pits, whether gas or wood-burning, make outdoor spaces cozy and great for socializing all year.

  • Outdoor Bars

An outdoor bar is great for entertaining and socializing. You can customize it with different materials, finishes, and layouts to fit any style.

Outdoor bars make refreshments readily available in cooking and dining areas. They enhance convenience and elevate the overall entertainment experience in your backyard.

Planning Your Space

Tailoring to Size and Shape

It’s important to design outdoor kitchens to fit any backyard size and shape. Using space well makes them functional and attractive. Small backyards can use compact, multi-functional setups. Larger spaces allow for more elaborate designs.

Creative solutions are offered for challenging spaces. For instance, narrow yards might use vertical storage options. Irregularly shaped areas can feature custom-built counters that follow the landscape’s contours. This ensures every client can enjoy an outdoor kitchen regardless of their yard’s dimensions.

Choosing the Right Appliances

Selecting appliances that enhance outdoor cooking experiences is crucial. Durability and performance are key factors. Stainless steel appliances resist rust and weather damage. High-quality grills offer consistent heat distribution.

Integrating appliances like refrigerators, rotisseries, and outdoor televisions creates a complete kitchen experience. Refrigerators keep ingredients fresh while rotisseries add versatility to cooking methods. Outdoor televisions provide entertainment during gatherings.

Professional advice helps in choosing appliances that fit specific needs and layouts. Our experts consider the available space, cooking habits, and budget. This ensures the selected appliances complement the overall design and function seamlessly within the outdoor kitchen setup.

Design Aesthetics

A cohesive design that matches the home’s exterior and landscape improves visual appeal. Using similar materials, colors, and styles creates a unified look between indoor and outdoor spaces. Different finishes, colors, and patterns let you personalize an outdoor kitchen. Stone veneers give a rustic feel, while sleek tiles offer a modern touch. Custom furniture pieces can be tailored to match these elements.

Thoughtful design aesthetics impact overall enjoyment and functionality significantly. A well-designed space encourages frequent use and enhances outdoor living experiences for homeowners in New Orleans.

Construction Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is crucial. It helps understand the client’s vision and requirements. During this step, we meet with the client to discuss their ideas and preferences for the outdoor kitchen.

This meeting sets the foundation for the design. Clients share their needs, such as desired appliances and seating arrangements. We provide expert recommendations based on experience. This ensures that expectations align from the start.

Detailed notes are taken during this phase. These notes guide the entire project, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Design Phase

Designing an outdoor kitchen involves working closely with clients to create a plan that suits their needs and space. Client feedback is crucial in this process.

Detailed plans and renderings are created to visualize the final project. These tools help clients see what their outdoor kitchen will look like before construction begins.

Several factors are considered during the design phase:

  • Space
  • Budget
  • Lifestyle

Each factor helps make the final design both useful and attractive.

Building Your Kitchen

The construction process emphasizes quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Tradespeople like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters work together under the contractor’s supervision to ensure high standards. Meeting deadlines is crucial to minimize disruption to the client’s daily life.

Why Choose Us

Expertise in Outdoor Kitchens

We have years of experience creating outdoor kitchens in New Orleans, giving us a strong knowledge of trends, materials, and appliances. Clients benefit from specialized knowledge that keeps their spaces modern and functional.

Our company is known for quality and customer satisfaction. Clients often praise our beautiful and practical outdoor entertaining spaces. This strong track record speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence.

High-Quality Materials

We choose high-quality materials for durability, looks, and easy maintenance. Stainless steel resists rust and handles tough weather well. Granite is a popular choice for countertops because it is attractive and long-lasting. Using top materials ensures your outdoor kitchen stays enjoyable and functional for many years. The focus on top-notch materials also means less maintenance over time, saving clients both effort and money.

Custom Design Focus

We are dedicated to making custom outdoor kitchens that match each client’s style and needs. We start every project with a personalized plan to ensure the design is unique and functional.

Clients can choose from various custom design options. These include different layouts, materials, and appliances tailored to fit specific preferences. By focusing on custom designs, they ensure each outdoor kitchen stands out while meeting practical requirements.

Enhancements and Add-Ons

Roof Covers and Pavilions

Outdoor PatioAdding roof covers and pavilions provides year-round protection. These structures are shielded from rain, sun, and wind. They ensure comfort while cooking or dining outdoors.

Design options for roof covers are varied. One can choose materials that match the home’s exterior. Common choices include wood, metal, or fabric. Pavilions can be designed to blend seamlessly with the outdoor kitchen.

The benefits of sheltered areas are numerous. They allow extended use of the outdoor space. Cooking and dining become possible even in adverse weather conditions. Protection from the elements ensures a pleasant experience every time.

Patios and Extensions

Patios enhance the outdoor kitchen area significantly. They provide extra space for dining and relaxation. Families can gather comfortably around a large table.

Customization options for patios are extensive. Materials like stone, brick, or concrete can be used to match the home’s design. Extensions can also be tailored to fit the landscape.

Cohesive design is crucial for these additions. A smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces creates harmony, making movement more natural and enjoyable.

Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Integrating entertainment systems elevates any outdoor kitchen setup. Outdoor televisions and sound systems create a complete entertaining experience. Watching sports or movies outside becomes an event.

Choosing weather-resistant equipment is essential. Outdoor televisions must withstand rain and heat without damage. Sound systems should deliver clear audio despite environmental noise.

Professional installation plays a key role here. We ensure optimal placement for viewing and listening experiences. This guarantees that everything works perfectly every time.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning and Care

Regular cleaning is important for an outdoor kitchen’s lifespan. Grease and food can build up on surfaces and appliances. Wipe countertops after each use to avoid stains. Use mild soap and water for stainless steel surfaces.

Appliances exposed to the elements need special care. Clean grills regularly to remove grease buildup. Empty drip trays to avoid fires. For refrigerators, check seals and clean coils annually.

High-quality materials make maintenance easier. Stainless steel resists rust and corrosion. Stone countertops withstand weather changes well. Proper care ensures these materials last longer.

Seasonal Preparations

Preparing your outdoor kitchen for different seasons is crucial. In winter, disconnect water lines from sinks and ice makers to prevent freezing. Cover grills and appliances with waterproof covers.

Seasonal maintenance prevents damage from harsh weather. Inspect structures for cracks or wear before winter arrives. Seal stone surfaces to protect them from moisture damage.

Our team offers seasonal preparation services. We help winterize your kitchen, ensuring all components are protected. Our experts handle tasks like sealing surfaces and checking appliance connections.

Getting Started with Us

Consultation Booking

Begin your journey towards a dream outdoor kitchen by booking a consultation. The first step is to discuss your ideas, budget, and possibilities. Our no-obligation consultations let you explore options without commitment. Scheduling a consultation is easy by phone or online form. We give personalized attention to understanding your vision and needs, offering tailored advice to match your style and preferences.

Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Imagine your perfect outdoor kitchen. Consider the design, functionality, and features you want. We turn these ideas into reality with expert design and craftsmanship. Our team collaborates with you to create a custom outdoor kitchen that suits your home and lifestyle. From planning the layout to selecting materials, we manage every detail carefully. Choosing us transforms your outdoor space into a perfect cooking and entertaining area.

Upgrade Your Property With Top Quality Custom Outdoor Kitchen Installation

TurnKey Renovators can turn your outdoor space into a luxury kitchen. Our experts provide high-quality, custom installations to match your needs. Don’t settle for less—call us today to make your dream outdoor kitchen a reality.

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